Baby Grand Band Promo



Our Passion

  The Baby Grand Band have been performing around the country for a collective 50 years creating thousands of unforgettable memories. This is more than just a band playing songs, it’s an interactive high energy experience. They don’t just play hit songs, they perform them and produce a high energy ambiance full of power and excitement, transporting every guest into a fun loving, dancing frenzy that everyone will talk about for years to come.


Give'em something to talk about

Your closest friends and family are important to you.  That's why they are important to us as well. Allow us to give them an entertaining night they will talk about for years to come.


Keepin'em on the dance floor

One thing we really take pride in, is keeping the music going with no downtime in-between songs.  This along with the fun and exuberant energy of the band keeps people dancing all night.

Booking and questions

email us for booking prices and to save your date